4 Animal Activists To Watch

“For years, SeaWorld has manipulated scientific information to influence the public’s perception of marine mammal captivity, and for years, a silent war has been waging against SeaWorld by scientists and activists alike.” …

Marine Mammals In Captivity

Is It Safe For Them And Humans Alike?

This article focuses on 4 people at the forefront of marine mammals in captivity and how their contributions have helped swayed what people believe is best for the animals.

I do not believe they should be kept in captivity. It is very cruel in my opinion.

The following article talks about a few marine parks and what they do plus the 4 main people.

4 Badass People Who Are Changing the Way We View Marine Captivity – Corrine Henn

One Green Planet

These four individuals are just a few of many, but their unique and powerful bodies of work are beyond inspiring.

Read More At: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/badass-people-who-are-changing-the-way-we-view-marine-captivity/

Activists You Need To Watch

While animals in captivity has been going on for a while I will always believe it is cruel and they should never be taken from the wild. These people are changing the way others think, and that’s a good thing.


A New Day

Time To Get Back To Work

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I decided to take a break after not having much success at it but now I am going to work even harder than before. This time I’m going to take more chances and get way out of my comfort zone with more videos about my life and my family.

Getting Back In The Groove

I’ve been gone a while but I will definitely have no trouble getting back in the groove.

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