Always Believe In Yourself

There’s nothing more for me to add. The picture says it all.

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Dream Big

I absolutely love acronyms and I think this one is my favorite by far for the word dream. This is absolutely everything you need to make your dreams come true.

I love acronyms I’m just bad at making them up so I want my readers to come up with other words that can be made from the word dream and post them in the comments.

Also come up with some for my name Mary.


P.S. I love you all!

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Types Of Friends You Don’t Want

These types of friends are going to be deceiving but when I explain you’ll understand.

The Giver

This type of friend gives you stuff they no longer want or need. The problem is it’s always missing a much needed component to make it work. Like this camera for example.

If you can’t tell what’s missing I’ll tell you. The charger is missing. Now my husband says maybe they didn’t know. Really? They didn’t know? Okay.

You expect me to believe they would just give away a perfectly good camera? I think not. I asked him what was wrong with it when he brought it home and he said there was nothing wrong with it. Yeah right.

The Helper

This friend offers to help you but then wants something in return.

Wait, what? You offered, I didn’t ask you for help. Why did you offer to help me then? I was trying to be nice but if you can’t pay me or do something in return I can’t help you anymore. Again, I didn’t ask you for help.

So frustrating.

The Caller

This type of friend I’m calling the caller because it’s short but basically you only hear from them when they need something.

Hey Mary how are you? You tell them then they immediately go into what they need and you realize at that moment that they weren’t even listening and only called because they needed something.

Then you think back over the years and realize they’ve been doing that the entire time, your whole friendship was a scam! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

That’s all I can think of right now but if you think of anymore let me know in the comments and remember be wary of who you let into your life and pay attention to what they do.


Into The Future

Sometimes not dwelling on the past is next to impossible especially when the person you’re with is the reason your past is so screwed up.

But if you just focus all your energy on here and now your future will be bright.

Dig yourself out of that hole and do what you need to do to get where you want to be.

Like what I’m doing. I’ve decided to start picking put quotes and just do a blog post about that quote.

This is my first one but so far it’s working out great.

So in conclusion stay focused and you’ll never go wrong.

See you tomorrow.

I Did Not Sleep Well At All Last Night

Visions of that poor cat danced through my head all night. I am so sad about it and not just because it looked like our Peeky but just the fact that it was a cat.

I can get over wildlife ending up in the pool, but an animal that’s meant to be a pet? That’s gonna take a minute.

My husband kept saying it wasn’t her but I don’t believe him. He’s lied to me before about stuff like this.

Before my mom died we had a chocolate lab named Charlie. He was one of the best dogs we’ve ever had except because we kept him outside he was constantly getting out of our fenced in yard.

The last time he got out my husband said that a man picked him up and he just let him have him. Of course I was angry but I understood. We couldn’t just keep letting him get out, so he did what he thought was best, he k et the man have him.

He later told me that he didn’t give him away that he had gotten ran over. He told me this because I kept on him about getting him back. I wanted him back because he would get in the pool with Arianna.

It seems like every time I have something I want I’m not allowed to keep it but for him it’s a different story. God forbid he should have to give his dog away.

Yes I’m bitter but you would be too if you were married to someone like him. Now mind you, I’m sure he wouldn’t treat anyone else like he’s treated me, but I could be wrong.


Really?! A Dead Cat In The Pool?!


A dead cat in the pool.

My first question.

How did it get in there? The ladder was outside the pool. My husband seems to think someone threw it in there or it was in the tree above the pool and fell in.

I swear it looked like Peeky but he said it was a male cat and Peeky was female. My daughter said she saw a male cat around that looked like Peeky so I guess that wasn’t her, but still, where is she at? Why hasn’t she come back? And what was that sound I heard in the middle of the night after she got out?

I am so angry about that cat ending up in the pool that I demanded my husband do away with the pool, but of course he said no but that he would take it down after summer was over.

My problem is that this isn’t the first time he’s found dead animals in the pool. Besides this cat he has found a dead squirrel and birds. How in the world did the birds end up in there though? Is someone doing this? Has anyone else found dead animals in they’re above ground pools? Please let me know in the comments.


Hell Week

Yes you read that right. This week and last week have been pure hell for me. Between losing my cat Peeky on Tuesday of last week (February 27) to dealing with my husband, who I have said in previous posts that I can’t stand anymore, it has been awful which in turn has plunged me into a deep depression which I escape by doing nothing but watching tv or YouTube.

But anyway here’s a picture of my cat.

I miss her so much and the worst part is I feel like it’s my fault because she kept getting on top of the air conditioner and it wasn’t wide enough for her so she kept falling off and that made a lot of noise and kept me up all night but she just kept getting up there and I was thinking

I just wish this cat would just stop or get out again. At this point I really don’t care

Then when it happened I never dreamed she would go missing. I hate myself so much. I just wish that I was the one that disappeared and not her because this has caused my daughter to go into a deep depression also.

Karma has really gotten the best of me this time and I just wish it hadn’t happened.

So the moral of this story is be careful what you wish for.

Why I Use Crowdfire

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be talking about crowdfire. Now if you don’t know what it is it’s a social media growth app that I absolutely love.

My Twitter and instagram has grown so much over the last few months that I’ve been using it.

Among its features to help grow your social media that I absolutely love is that it saves your hashtags for you. I have never heard of a social growth app having that feature until crowdfire.

It also gives you articles to share that you pick out when you sign up. That also goes for pictures too.

You connect all of your social media to it and it sets it up so you can share it multiple times over the month so you gain more exposure to them.

It connects to YouTube, your blog (if you have one) just everything.

On Twitter it tells you who to follow, who to unfollow, it keeps up with who has reposted your stuff which reminds me they have a program that recommends your posts to other Twitter and instagrammers so they can repost your stuff which builds up your social media.

So if this is something you need I highly recommend you sign up. Just visit the link below. I promise you will love it.

Also if your not much of a reader I will be doing a video on this in the near future.


I Hate My Life

As you can tell by the title I’m going through some things.

First off I hate being married. Now I’m not sure if it’s being in a relationship in general or who I’m married to but I hate it.

He lies to me all the time and treats me like crap.

When he started treating me like that I just kept being nice to him because I heard that if you did that they would start being nice to you. Well that is absolutely not what happened. He just kept being mean and I got fed up with it and started treating him the way he was treating me.

Needless to say he DID NOT like that and got mad and wanted to know why I was treating him like that and I told him. He still hasn’t changed and to make matters worse I can’t afford to get a divorce.

I’m at my wits end. He has made it virtually impossible for me to do anything so I’m stuck in a marriage with someone I wish was dead.

I feel bad for feeling that way though because we have 2 beautiful children that love him so much.

Well I can only hope that things get better and I can get my much needed divorce.

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