Her Dad Is Absolutely Clueless

Yesterday my husband’s phone was continuously ringing while he was in bed (thank goodness he put it on vibrate) and my daughter came into the living room while it was ringing. She looked at it and immediately slid the bar to ignore it, only his so called friends are horrible and I knew he was going to get cursed out about not answering the phone but it was too late it had already been done so I just laughed. 

I did ask her why she did that and she said

I’m tired of them taking my dad away from me.

I was floored.

I had no idea she she felt that way or even knew what was going on. I knew they didn’t like it when he left but I didn’t know they knew he was with his friends. 

When he goes off with them he stays gone all day and that happens a lot. They barely see him but he acts like he’d rather be with his friends than his kids. I wrote him off a long time ago but they haven’t yet. I feel they probably will, or my daughter will, soon. 

I told him when he got up what she did and said to me but he was more concerned with the fact that she ignored the phone call and got him “in trouble” with his so called friend. It was like he didn’t care what she had said. Like he wasn’t listening. 

I’m sick of him doing this to our kids. I don’t know if it’s going to get better but I hope so before they write him off too.


Where Do I Go From Here?

I am lost. I have no idea where to go. My husband keeeps spending money we don’t have and I don’t know what to do.

I’ve tried to do all the shopping but he makes sure he stays gone in the truck so I’m unable to do the shopping.

I just wish there was some place for me to go to get away from him but I’m broke so I have to wait for him to leave which I really hope will be soon.

So please send me some good luck.

Thank you.

P.S. sorry for the pity party. I’m just not in a good place right now.

Are We Connected Mentally?

That’s what keeps going through my mind when I find out that me and my daughter are having the same dreams.

Last night we dreamed about her death. Now I don’t know if in her dream if she died the same as in my dream but it’s weird to say the least.

I’ve never had this happen before but what I have had happen is feeling uneasy about certain people or feeling like there is someone around who shouldn’t be there.

I also have these uneasy feelings about going out like I feel like something bad may happen and those feelings have panned out. I can’t recall exactly what happened that concreted those feelings though.

Have any of you had this happen before? Let me know in the comments.

Mary Owens

Not So Boring Surfing

Not So Boring Surfing

It happens to all of us at some point while advertising, you get bored while surfing.

Well the best way to get over that is to find a few sites you enjoy surfing and then sign up for Traffic Browser

Then download the browser and start surfing with it.

It automatically tabs between sites when you have power tabs on.

Below is a video on how to use it. Enjoy!

Mary Owens
Owner Mary’s Biz, LLC

What To Do When You Have No Motivation

What To Do When You Have No Motivation

I know it’s difficult when you’ve lost your motivation to continue pursuing your dream, I know because it’s happened to me.

It’s even more difficult to get that motivation back, but it can be done because I’ve done it.

I get mine back by just thinking about why I started down this path of working from home. Now my reasons are different from yours.

I initially started working from home because I hated every job I’ve ever had and I keep that just at the forefront.

But then it turned into a passion that stays lit no matter what.

Also you can make unlimited income working from home if you stay consistent. You have to work it just like it’s a job because it is.

A dream board is also a good motivator. Put everything on it that makes you want to work harder and look at it everyday. Here’s a link to my dream board on Pinterest.

Just remember to keep all your reasons in one spot and you can get your motivation back quick.

Thanks and have a great day.

Remember to share this to help me out.

Mary Owens