Hell Week

Yes you read that right. This week and last week have been pure hell for me. Between losing my cat Peeky on Tuesday of last week (February 27) to dealing with my husband, who I have said in previous posts that I can’t stand anymore, it has been awful which in turn has plunged me into a deep depression which I escape by doing nothing but watching tv or YouTube.

But anyway here’s a picture of my cat.

I miss her so much and the worst part is I feel like it’s my fault because she kept getting on top of the air conditioner and it wasn’t wide enough for her so she kept falling off and that made a lot of noise and kept me up all night but she just kept getting up there and I was thinking

I just wish this cat would just stop or get out again. At this point I really don’t care

Then when it happened I never dreamed she would go missing. I hate myself so much. I just wish that I was the one that disappeared and not her because this has caused my daughter to go into a deep depression also.

Karma has really gotten the best of me this time and I just wish it hadn’t happened.

So the moral of this story is be careful what you wish for.


Author: Mary Owens

I'm a stay home mom and home schooler to my teenage daughter.

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