I Was Gonna Start Vlogging

I Was Gonna Start Vlogging

Well I was going to start vlogging but it turns out that it’s much harder than I thought.

Did you know how complicated it was? Let me know in the comments.

I now realize that actually recording and editing takes a lot of practice but the weird thing is that it seems like people who have never shown any interest in it are vlogging, or am I wrong about that? Again let me know in the comments.

I tried this morning with my smartphone but the camera angle keeps changing on me and I tried with my old camera that has video capabilities but I got it wet once in the rain and the sound isn’t good on it anymore so both of those are out of the question.

I feel like that I will be able to get my words out better with videos though because I can just whip out my camera and record instead of trying to type and I am not good at typing at all.

If anyone can help me with what type of camera and editing software to use that are both good and easy to use please let me know because I am extremely interested in this.

I will make videos and upload them to My YouTube Channel and I will also post them here on my blog because I absolutely love this blog.

Let me know okay? Thanks!

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