It’s The Last Day Of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

It’s The Last Day Of The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Well it’s the last day of the ultimate blog challenge and even though I didn’t get all the posts (I didn’t even start the challenge until last week! SHAME!) I learned that you can basically write about whatever crosses your mind as long as you write something at least everyday.

I very much enjoyed every bit of what I did participate in with this. It challenged me to go back over my life with some posts and to get out of my comfort zone which is something you absolutely have to do if you want to make it in this business.

I really didn’t have any problems with this because like I said I waited until the last week of the challenge to participate but a couple of them were a challenge but after thinking about it I figured it out so all went well.

I will definitely be participating again in January.

Mary Owens
Owner Mary’s Biz, LLC

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