Know Your Family History

Know Your Family History

I was watching Better Things earlier today and the mom took her kids to see her Uncle in Canada and while there found out she had an Aunt that her mother never told her about.

They never said the reason but I’m guessing it’s because the aunt was mentally unstable.

Her uncle told her that she was sent to live somewhere else because the family couldn’t handle her anymore. He gave her some pictures and the name and number of the place where she was.

The woman called and found out that she died in 1983 and no one knew because they had forgotten about her.

That is devastating to say the least but the worst part is that the lady she talked to offered to send her records to her because they were going digital and were going to destroy them.

Now I feel she should have taken her up on that because that is information you need to know about your family history and also while there her youngest daughter was seeing a woman that no one else was seeing and her great aunt had some mental problems that may have been passed down.

I say this because if you have read any of my posts you know that my son is schizophrenic. Luckily I found out before I had kids that mental instability ran in my family.

My grandfather committed suicide and my aunt has mental problems too. I’m just not sure what exactly is wrong with her.

Just please try to find out everything about your family so you will know when your children start acting strange so they can be properly diagnosed.

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