Marketing Resources To Make Life Easier

Today I’m going to talk about marketing resources to make your business life a little more stress free.

Traffic Browser

Traffic browser is a surfing platform that you download to help your surfing to be more streamlined. I’m going to put a video below showing you how it works. If you want to sign up here is the link Traffic Browser

Traffic Codex

This next one is for when you don’t want to click for credits. You just put in the website and it finds promo codes for you. Of course the site has to be working with Traffic Codex to get the codes. It also has a browser add on that automatically detects if there is a promo code for that site. It’s very useful for days when I just want to get it over with. Here is the link to sign up Traffic Codex

Truckload Of Ads

This one is just like Traffic Codex except there isn’t a browser add on and you have to search for the codes manually. But like I said not all of the sites work with Traffic Codex so this is for when that happens. Here’s the link to sign up for this one Truckload Of Ads

Well those are my resources to make marketing a little bit easier. I hope it helps.

Mary Owens


Author: Mary Owens

I'm a stay home mom and home schooler to my teenage daughter.

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