Me Mischievous? Never!

Me Mischievous? Never!

Haven’t we all been mischievous? I know I have. Always have been and always will be 😉

I use to always play tricks on my mom to make her curse and thought that was just the funniest thing ever.

I would say something awful and then goad her into saying she had thought about it and then I would say “Mom! That’s terrible! How could you!” Lol and then the cursing would start and she would exclaim “You tricked Me!” And I would laugh and laugh! Lol

I was so bad.

Then out in public I would get right behind her and walk as close as I could so that I was walking right on her hills but without stepping on them. The looks I got with that was priceless and then she would stop and I’d bump into her and get in trouble for that.

I very much enjoyed aggravating my mom.

That’s the only mischief I remember getting into but if any of my family members read this comment something I’ve forgotten about.

Thanks and have a great day!
Mary Owens
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