Our Holiday Traditions

Our Holiday Traditions

I uploaded a video to YouTube last night of our Christmas tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. My kids were 13 and 18 at the time but it was the first time we had done it since having them.

The reason for that was it was my family tradition and not my husband’s. He was totally against it for reasons I can’t remember right now. I finally talked him into it by remembering to tell him that only one gift was allowed and he finally agreed.

I just wanted my kids to have something from my childhood that I thoroughly enjoyed doing with my family. Of course they loved it too, just like I knew they would.

I honestly hope we can start some new traditions just for us that neither mine nor my husband’s family did. That would be so awesome for us as a family to start.

Do you have any holiday traditions, old or new, that your family does? Let me know in the comments.

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P.S. Here’s my holiday tradition video if you would like to see it.


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