What Is Wrong With Me?

Well today so far has been good except for the incident where my husband apparently didn’t put the truck in park before getting out to go into the recycling place and when he came out it was halfway down the road and the passengers side mirror got knocked off.

Then I went out to see if I could duplicate what he did because he said he took the keys out but when I got out there the keys were still in the truck not cranked up but the radio was on.

It could have been stolen because he’s notorious for bringing strangers around. I came in and told him that I was going to have to ban him from driving and he got all hostile with me like he always does.

And to believe I was giving us another chance after the millionth time. I feel so stupid. He’s always going to treat me like crap and apparently I’m always going to let him.

I am not going back to him this time. It’s over and I’m going to try to save money to get a divorce.

I’m scared of being alone but that’s a fear I’m going to have to face.

I hope I can get the divorce but I may need your help so if you can please click one of the donate buttons to help me out.



What Would I Tell My Teenage Self

What Would I Tell My Teenage Self

There’s actually nothing I would go back and tell myself.

Hard to believe I know but for a teenager I was actually a goo d person.

Oh wait there is something I would go back and tell myself.

I would go back to when I was in the sixth grade and tell myself to be nicer to the new girl.

I wasn’t normally a mean person but for some stupid reason I decided that I wanted to be more accepted by my classmates so I stupidly decided to go along with them making fun of her.

I was never the type of person to just go along but this time I decided to and in the process alienated someone that would have been a good friend.

Needless to say I learned my lesson and haven’t gone along with the crowd since.

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Mary Owens