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I figured Out My Youtube Name!

I figured Out My Youtube Name! I don’t know if y’all (yes I’m southern lol) have read my post from a few days ago I Need Help Picking Out A Good YouTube Name! But I figured out my Youtube name! That Crazy Cat Lady! Yes I love cats, and I am most definitely not a people person, …


The Circle App

The Circle App This is an app that you make money with just by sending money. In order to make make money all you have to do is send at least $25. Every time you do Circle gives you $5 just for using it. Here’s the proof that you do indeed get the $5 after …

My 90 Day Goals

My 90 Day Goals Okay, my 90 goals from here are to have at least 20 subscribers to my blog with at least half of them commenting, sharing and liking my posts. As for the business side of things I feel like with the low price and quality of what I’m marketing I feel that …

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