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I figured Out My Youtube Name!

I figured Out My Youtube Name! I don’t know if y’all (yes I’m southern lol) have read my post from a few days ago I Need Help Picking Out A Good YouTube Name! But I figured out my Youtube name! That Crazy Cat Lady! Yes I love cats, and I am most definitely not a people person, …


Not So Boring Surfing

Not So Boring Surfing It happens to all of us at some point while advertising, you get bored while surfing. Well the best way to get over that is to find a few sites you enjoy surfing and then sign up for Traffic Browser Then download the browser and start surfing with it. It automatically …

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling Overwhelmed? I know I was with my safelist advertising. I was trying to click on all the emails from every site I was a member of in one day. I know right? That’s just insane! But I got to thinking why not pick one safelist everyday and click on the emails from it and …

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