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Know Your Family History

Know Your Family History I was watching Better Things earlier today and the mom took her kids to see her Uncle in Canada and while there found out she had an Aunt that her mother never told her about. They never said the reason but I’m guessing it’s because the aunt was mentally unstable. Her …


You Cut The Cable Line!

You Cut The Cable Line! Okay first of all why does the universe constantly feel the need to test me all the time? I feel like I’ve had enough tests for one lifetime. I mean I know it’s trying to teach me a lesson but I feel that even though I haven’t remedied the situation …

School At Home Update

School At Home Update I just wanted to give everyone an update on our schooling at home. So far everything is going great. Arianna is doing better now than when she was in brick and mortar school. Last semester she got perfect attendance and she made honor roll! In brick and mortar she was being …

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