My Dreary Day

Well today has been dreary because it rained all day. But me and the kids had a good day, very uneventful thank goodness.

They also haven’t asked about their dad all day which I absolutely love because it gets annoying especially when my son wants me to call him and make sure he’s okay.

I just tell him he’s fine and we don’t need to call him.

We have several doctor’s appointments next week most of which are mine that I’m hoping I won’t chicken out of. I seriously need to get to my appointments because of this lump on my stomach, I need refills on my medicine and the breakouts I’m having which I can’t explain. It’s just horrible.

I also have to start going to the kid’s appointments because their dad can’t seem to remember what the doctor says which is not good for me because I never get alone time to recharge my batteries which anyone who has read my blog before knows I need because I’m very introverted.

I never have the energy for anything anymore because I’m always with at least one person every single day and it’s getting old real quick.

But try to tell their extrovert dad that. He has no idea what I’m talking about and doesn’t care because he always has an excuse as to why he can’t take the kids with him.

I am so over this married life. All I want is to be left alone for about 20 years or better yet the rest of my life.

So please send me some good vibes for tonight and next week.



You Cut The Cable Line!

You Cut The Cable Line!

Okay first of all why does the universe constantly feel the need to test me all the time? I feel like I’ve had enough tests for one lifetime. I mean I know it’s trying to teach me a lesson but I feel that even though I haven’t remedied the situation I have learned. It’s just really hard when you have no one to help you. Both of my parents are dead and all of my grandparents are dead, me and my brother don’t even spend holidays together. He could be dead for all I know.

I just feel like there’s no way out for me. There is seriously no one to help me and besides that both of my kids have mental disabilities. My son is schizophrenic which makes him unpredictable in what he’s thinking or wanting to do and I don’t want to put that burden on someone else.

Okay now that that’s out of the way on to the cable line. This is really no big deal because the cable company came out and repaired it and we didn’t get charged because we have a maintenance agreement with them. The thing is that the guys that cut it claimed it was already like that. Seriously? My son was watching TV just fine beforehand. They lied. Now I know you’re wondering but how did it happen?

Well they are friends of my husband’s and they were being nice, I guess, but since they lied about cutting the cable line I have no idea what’s going on. They were here to cut down the bushes because my husband wasn’t doing it and that’s how the cable line got cut. I have no idea why they lied about cutting the cable line though. But at least now I know not to let them anywhere near my yard again, right?

I just hope the universe quits testing me soon because I feel like I’m losing my mind.

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