I Need Help Picking Out A Good YouTube Channel Name!

I Need Help Picking Out A Good YouTube Channel Name!

I came up with Owens Family Values but I don’t really like that name and also a lot of people have the word Values in the name of their YouTube channel and I would really like for mine to be unique.

I came up with these too:

  • My Crazy Family
  • Mary’s Crazy Family
  • Owens Family Adventures
  • Mary’s Adventurous Family
  • Mary’s Vlog
  • Mary’s Family Vlog

That’s all that I could come up with for now. I just need to pick one that I really like. If you have any suggestions please let me know by contacting me or just leave a comment below.

Here’s my YouTube Channel so you can check out the videos to give you an idea of my family to help me with a good name.

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School At Home Update

School At Home Update

I just wanted to give everyone an update on our schooling at home.

So far everything is going great. Arianna is doing better now than when she was in brick and mortar school. Last semester she got perfect attendance and she made honor roll! In brick and mortar she was being bullied so much that she missed at least 1 day a week so she was truant every year and believe me going to court over that is very scary for someone like me and her.

The best part about schooling at home (SAH) is no set time to get up. As long as she watches her class recordings and does her work she’s fine, yes you heard that right! Class recordings! It’s not traditional homeschooling and that’s why we call it schooling at home, she attends school online and has teachers that teach just like in brick and mortar school.

I have re-enrolled her for next year and we don’t plan on ever going back to brick and mortar.

Well that’s it for now and I’ll let you know if anything else comes up.

Bye and have a great day!
Mary Owens

P.S. She attends Georgia Cyber Academy.