Really?! A Dead Cat In The Pool?!


A dead cat in the pool.

My first question.

How did it get in there? The ladder was outside the pool. My husband seems to think someone threw it in there or it was in the tree above the pool and fell in.

I swear it looked like Peeky but he said it was a male cat and Peeky was female. My daughter said she saw a male cat around that looked like Peeky so I guess that wasn’t her, but still, where is she at? Why hasn’t she come back? And what was that sound I heard in the middle of the night after she got out?

I am so angry about that cat ending up in the pool that I demanded my husband do away with the pool, but of course he said no but that he would take it down after summer was over.

My problem is that this isn’t the first time he’s found dead animals in the pool. Besides this cat he has found a dead squirrel and birds. How in the world did the birds end up in there though? Is someone doing this? Has anyone else found dead animals in they’re above ground pools? Please let me know in the comments.