Types Of Friends You Don’t Want

These types of friends are going to be deceiving but when I explain you’ll understand.

The Giver

This type of friend gives you stuff they no longer want or need. The problem is it’s always missing a much needed component to make it work. Like this camera for example.

If you can’t tell what’s missing I’ll tell you. The charger is missing. Now my husband says maybe they didn’t know. Really? They didn’t know? Okay.

You expect me to believe they would just give away a perfectly good camera? I think not. I asked him what was wrong with it when he brought it home and he said there was nothing wrong with it. Yeah right.

The Helper

This friend offers to help you but then wants something in return.

Wait, what? You offered, I didn’t ask you for help. Why did you offer to help me then? I was trying to be nice but if you can’t pay me or do something in return I can’t help you anymore. Again, I didn’t ask you for help.

So frustrating.

The Caller

This type of friend I’m calling the caller because it’s short but basically you only hear from them when they need something.

Hey Mary how are you? You tell them then they immediately go into what they need and you realize at that moment that they weren’t even listening and only called because they needed something.

Then you think back over the years and realize they’ve been doing that the entire time, your whole friendship was a scam! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

That’s all I can think of right now but if you think of anymore let me know in the comments and remember be wary of who you let into your life and pay attention to what they do.



Stress Causing Break Outs?

Stress Causing Break Outs?

Apparently my allergic reaction was caused by anxiety. My DFCS caseworker called 3 times in one day but I didn’t know we had a phone interview and the last time that happened we were late getting our food stamps and apparently the anxiety of that got to me.

I think that’s what it was because my husband checked our food stamp balance at a little after midnight and they were there and I’m feeling fine now so thank goodness for that.

I seriously wish my body would stop this nonsense. I don’t like the breakouts, itching and feeling sick but I guess until I learn to deal with stress it’s going to happen.

My daughter tried to get into bed with me earlier in the day but I must have been feeling bad because I didn’t want her in there. But it didn’t matter because she said it was too hot anyway. I’m thinking I was running a fever. Stress is crazy and the way it reeks havoc on your body is too.

But I still have the phone interview to do. I’m hoping she will let my husband do it though.

But I don’t know it could just be what I originally thought and I got into something I’m allergic to and I’m just now getting over it. But since I didn’t go to the doctor i’ll never know so that’s that.

I certainly wish I didn’t have allergic reactions but like I said in an earlier post, this isn’t the first and I’m guessing it won’t be the last.

Well thanks for reading and if you found value please comment, like and share.

Mary Owens