The Kids Went Trick Or Treating Last Night

The Kids Went Trick Or Treating Last Night

Okay so they went trick or treating last night and after they got home I realized it may have been a mistake.

First Arianna texted me to tell me that she got sick and her brother Mark went for her. No big deal because she’s 15 and I figured if she kept the doors locked that she was fine. She texted me back to say that her Uncle Dan was watching her. Now this man is someone I do not like BUT at this point there’s nothing I can do because I chose not to go but everything turned out fine so again no big deal.

So on to her brother Mark. If you don’t already know he suffers from Schizophrenia. If you are not familiar with it let me enlighten you. This is a horrible mental health disorder that if not treated properly will destroy the sufferers life and those around them. They suffer from delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking and speech, and disorganized behavior. Certain things can trigger these behaviors even when treated properly but he wanted to go so I let him. Huge mistake.

When he got home I knew something was wrong. He was acting paranoid, every time someone went into the kitchen he wanted to know who was there. Even after taking his medicine he couldn’t calm down. By midnight I was getting angry and even though I knew that yelling at him wasn’t going to help I couldn’t take it anymore. He was in and out of his room, yelling at the voices and driving me crazy. By 2:30 A.M. I gave up and went to bed.

He finally calmed down and went to sleep but since I went to bed I don’t know what time he calmed down but when I got up this morning he was sleeping good and when he got up I noticed a big difference in how he was acting.

So now I know to think about his mental health when deciding about celebrating holidays. No crowds for him anymore. Just quiet celebrations at home and let his dad and sister do that crowded stuff in public.

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