The Love Of My Life

The Love Of My Life

That’s her with our cat.

When I got pregnant with my daughter I had no idea that I could love someone that much that I hadn’t even met yet but I did.

She started crying as soon as she was born but when the doctor put her next to me she stopped, it was magical, and she was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen (of course I’m biased though).

My love for her has only grown in the 15 1/2 years she’s been on this earth. I tell my husband she’s my soulmate but he says

Your daughter can’t be your soulmate.

I beg to differ, I believe anyone can be your soulmate because to me that just means who you’re supposed to spend your life with and that’s my daughter.

I would give my life if it meant saving hers and she has said the same thing about me.

I know that she will eventually want to have her own life but for now she only wants me and I’m going to cherish that.

What’s your take on soul mates? Let me know in the comments.

Mary Owens


Author: Mary Owens

I'm a stay home mom and home schooler to my teenage daughter.

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  1. What is a soul mate? I haven’t used or called anybody my soulmate. And I’m not a mother except to my dog, Sheba. I guess she would qualify as my soul mate. An animal’s love is unconditional and also a human’s love for an animal is unconditional , too. I hesitate to name a human as my soul mate because I believe our love is conditional. I sound kind of terrible, don’t I?


      1. To me, your soulmate is someone who gets every single part of you- it’s not something that’s determined nature of relationship you have with that person or animal, it’s the kind of relationship you have with them. Your daughter definetely can be your soulmate!

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