What Am I Allergic To Now?

What Am I Allergic To Now?

Ever since I was a little girl my mom said I had to be careful because I was allergic to everything, but the only thing I remember getting into that made me break out in hives was poison oak or poison ivy.

Now that I’m grown though I have had some bad reactions to either food or medication. The worst one I had was to medication. I broke out in hives everywhere with a fever and it took several days of medication to get rid of it.

The other two I still don’t know what I got into but I broke out in hives again.

Now I have had another allergic reaction to something. The only thing I remember doing different is I took some Tylenol because I wasn’t feeling good. I have big whelps on my back and smaller ones on my arms.

The whelps on my arm.

If I could get a picture of my back I would show that because they are big and itch the worst.

My husband gave me some Benadryl but it makes me feel weird and is causing me to zone out. It helps a lot with the itching but I don’t like the way it makes me feel so I hope I don’t have to keep taking it, but I may not have a choice because I am not going to the doctor.

Well I hope this is over soon.

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