Why Is Being Consistent SO Hard?!

Why Is Being Consistent SO Hard?!

I mean really?!

I haven’t done anything in a month. It has gotten out of control. I should be advertising but I got sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole and haven’t come out until now.

I have convinced myself that I can do a vlog and what have I done? Everything except vlog lol.

They make it look so easy but when I try to edit I have no idea how to use the software I have. Plus they don’t explain how to use it very well in their videos. It’s so frustrating.

I am however going to eventually learn how to edit and get that ball rolling because I feel it will be much easier for me to get my thoughts out through video than trying to write. I’m not a very efficient typer at all. I type using one finger lol.

Also my daughter is very interested in vlogging and I would really love to do some with her.

I think my first one will be of our excursion to the Christmas Parade in our town next Saturday. I’ve seen videos of it on YouTube but they are of just the parade but I’m going to do it like a vlog and then go from there and just start making it a daily routine.

I think it will be good for both of us.

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P.S. Let me know in the comments if you have ever thought about starting a vlog or if you have any recommendations on editing software and cameras that are easy to use.

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