Ultimate Blog Challenge Take 2

Ultimate Blog Challenge Take 2

Well once again I am participating in the month long Ultimate Blog Challenge. I participated a couple months ago but didn’t really do any of the posts until there was only a week left so I am doing it again only this time I’m actually going to participate the whole month.

This challenge is to help bloggers get an idea of what they can do on their blog and it will last the whole month of January. I had fun even though I only participated the last week of it.

Last time I missed a lot of good posts because I wasn’t taking it seriously. That’s not the case this time.

I’m participating in this because I’d like to get more eyes on my blog. I just recently started getting likes and comments but I would like more and also I’d like to get ideas about what to write about when I’m at a loss.

If you would like to get involved in this just click the banner on the right if you’re reading this on a computer or at the bottom on a mobile device.

So wish me luck with this.

Mary Owens

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